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A sustainable future with Redigo Carbon

Your path to carbon neutrality starts here!

Start your journey to net zero here

We will help you plan the sustainable development of your company.


Mobilize Climate Action

Redigo is a cloud-based sustainability platform offering a comprehensive suite of tools for effective carbon assessments. Our platform not only helps in calculating your carbon footprint but also provides solutions to reduce it.


From this year, sustainability reporting becomes mandatory for all large companies and ltd companies. Get ready now!


Investors take ESG factors into account when investing. Be attractive to your business partners.


It is estimated that in 2030, the cost of one tonne of CO2 will be €100. This is an additional cost for the company.


We only have a few years left to prevent irreversible damage to the climate. Let's act now before it's too late!

What we do

Comprehensive service suite for users?

Application is filled with a comprehensive selection of services for our user.


Our reports are generated in accordance with recognized standards like the GHG Protocol or ISO, ensuring they can be easily submitted to the relevant institutions.

Net Zero Roadmap

This tool enables you to map out your journey to net-zero, providing estimates of costs and profits in a user-friendly manner.


You can locate suppliers of green technologies tailored to your needs based on a carbon assessment, or find an offsetting project that suits you.

Scenario Planning

This tool assists you in planning investments that reduce your carbon footprint, such as installing solar panels, fixing leaks in heating systems, or investing in LED lighting installations.

They trust us

Our advantages

Why Redigo Carbon?

Advanced data analysis

Our application uses predictive models to empower you with the information needed to manage your carbon footprint and make smart investments. It will provide calculations of ROI (Return on Investment) and other vital metrics to aid in your decision-making process.

Automatic data collection via API

With our automatic data collection through APIs, you'll save both time and money. This frees up resources you can invest in reducing your carbon footprint.

Simple way to net zero

Our roadmap tool is designed to assist you in planning and executing actions to achieve net-zero emissions. With it, you can establish your sustainability objectives and identify key milestones for making environmentally friendly investments.


Simple and transparent

Contact us for pricing information.

Self service
Preliminary plan
Scope 1 i 2
One user
Manual data enetering
Consultations with net-zero specjalist
Everything in Self service plus additional functions
Scope 3
To 5 users
Automatic data entering
Net-Zero Roadmap
Scenario Planning
Everything in Basic plus additional functions
Unlimited number of users
Enhanced report creation
Dedicated Account Manager
Possibility to customize the plan

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Latest articles

Find out more about environmental protection with us.


How Redigo Carbon Helps Companies Meet New Carbon Footprint Reporting Requirements

In recent years, increasing attention has been paid to reducing the impact of business activities on the environment. In response to increasing regulations, Redigo Carbon offers an innovative platform that enables companies to precisely calculate their carbon footprint and meet new reporting requirements. With comprehensive reports compliant with GHG Protocol and ISO standards, companies can effectively manage emissions and reduce operating costs, while contributing to environmental protection.
Justyna Picheta
12.03.2023, 5 minutes of reading

Redigo Carbon: Your Tool for Sustainable Business Development

Finding a balance between business development and environmental protection has become a priority for many companies. Redigo Carbon offers a multifunctional platform that not only analyzes the carbon footprint, but also helps in creating reports and planning investments. Thanks to integration with database systems and predictive models, companies can achieve net-zero and save time and money, while protecting the environment.
Justyna Picheta
12.03.2023, 5 minutes of reading

Net Zero Roadmap: Your Path to Carbon Neutrality With Redigo Carbon

The pursuit of carbon neutrality has become a priority for many organizations. Thanks to the Net Zero Roadmap tool from Redigo Carbon, companies can effectively manage their activities towards achieving net-zero. The application allows you to set goals and generates a specific plan with designated steps over time, enabling companies to effectively reduce their carbon footprint and achieve sustainable development.
Justyna Picheta
12.03.2023, 5 minutes of reading
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