We partner with companies and organisations providing live reporting software solution that enables and supports our partners to accurately report and act on their carbon data.


Our globally curated offsetting and sustainability marketplaces provide our partners with a huge array of options to support their journeys to carbon neutral.

With our unique Redigo Scenario Planning (RSP) tool providing a clear view of options best aligned to organisational offsetting  targets, we support our partners in developing and delivering workable sustainability strategies.  


Additionally, our unique AI provides enhanced sustainability options, which enable our partners to reach their targets with improved efficiency. 


Our current way of living is not sustainable. We understand that companies must implement major changes to keep the Earth within Planetary Boundaries.


Redigo was created to guide companies through this transition by giving them the right tools to minimise their negative impact and maximise their positive impact on the planet and its inhabitants. With the right data, plannijg and action we can make the change.




Magdalena is what you might call a sustainability geek. She is passionate about nature, the fight against climate change, inequality, and poverty. 


Graduating from Warsaw Business School ALMAMER in 2015 Magdalena continued updating her knowledge in business and sustainability, most recently graduating from Cambridge University's Institute for Sustainability Leadership course. Having being responsible for growing revenue in new and emerging markets, Magdalena decided she needed to follow her passion founded Redigo to make a real difference in a positive direction.



Tangi is a tech geek and is the brain behind the platform, constantly working on delivering new functionalities.


Tangi graduated from Universitée de Bretagne Occidentale (France) in Génie Electronique et Informatique Industrielle (Electronic and Computing) as well as the university of Plymouth in Computer Engineering. Throughout his career he has created numerous apps and SaaS (Software as a Service) platforms. When the opportunity came to focus his skills on securing a better future for life on our planet it was not a difficult choice to make.

We would love to work with you on your journey to carbon neutral

Our Mission: 

We exist to make the world carbon neutral by motivating and inspiring systemic change within businesses.

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